PREMIERE: MoxiiE - Jilted 2.0

Hailing from Brooklyn, MoxiiE has been causing noise within the music circuit since 2011 when she

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Hailing from Brooklyn, MoxiiE has been causing noise within the music circuit since 2011 when she released her debut EP Jungle Pop, a reference to the same-named and self-created genre. Ever since, the versatile singer-songwriter has delivered a catalog bouncy, Caribbean-infused sounds which brought forth another extended play and a bevy of successful singles. Today, she exclusively premieres the visual translation to her new single, “Jilted 2.0.” Both the track and the visual, were created by GRAMMY-nominated producer and visual artist -Reo. In order to honor the release of her new video we caught up with the talented Brooklynite for a Q&A and a stylised photoshoot, which you can check out above. View “Jilted 2.0” and read the interview below and get familiar with MoxiiE in a real way.

Ph: Holly Burnham. Mua: Caitlyn Meyer. Stylist: Britt Layton

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Moxiie. A songwriter and recording artist from Brooklyn. I’m also a time optimist and lover of cake.

What can you say about your new single “Jilted 2.0” and the concept behind it?

Jilted 2.0 is really interesting because REO (producer), is one of my best friends and he worked on this after my grandmother died (she raised me, and was more of a mother to me). He sort of approached the remix as a response to the pain I was in, along with his own recent (unrelated) enlightenment. One of the great things about working with him is, I feel like he has a gift of injecting therapy & healing in his music and it’s totally in line with my goals as a writer and recording artist.

How does the video translate the song?

The way I see it, the visual speaks to how so much can happen in a life, and no matter what we endure, how many times we are conflicted, hurt, and feel like life can’t possible go on – it does. Things adjust within us and around us to helps us along. There’s a flow to life. Even when there is discord or loss – if we can remember this is part of the flow, there’s peace in that.

What is your favorite lyric in the song and why?

It’s hard to choose. Of course “When my life is through, I’l haunt you forever” is an obvious one. A not so obvious favorite is “So many goodbyes I didn’t know were happening.” That definitely speaks to abandonment…and just being disappointed over and over again.

What are your upcoming projects?

I’m working on an EP and a few other surprises right.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of being a female artist in the music industry?

Are there any advantages of being a female artist? I don’t know of any. There are challenges with perception though. There seem to be very clear ideas about the specific way a woman’s sexuality should be marketed, etc. but the more I just do my own thing, I try not to think of any of that because there are women out there who have broken through. That gives me strength and hope, so I just focus as much as I can on being consistent, diligent and real. Then hopefully I can become one of those women who can inspire other artists looking for someone to relate to and show them it IS possible.

How does your Haitian heritage impacts your personal style and music?

My Haitian heritage impacts my style and music through a pulse. There’s a feeling that I get. I recognize it on a level I can’t even explain. Music has to speak to me, clothes have to speak to. It all comes down to a special kind of connection. I try to bring that pulse into everything I do.

While it’s very diverse and multi-faceted where do you see the position of Caribbean sounds and music in 2015?

Caribbean people are very resourceful and creative. With everyone being more connected than ever, I see those sounds starting to reflect different influences while keeping the essence in tact.

What can you tell us about your outfit and how does it represent your personality and music?

As far as the shoot goes, one of the reasons I love working with Jonatan Mejia and designers like Big Park, is that they understand all the different sides of femininity. The aesthetic is strong, it’s soft, it’s relaxed…it’s multifaceted. You have to have a certain kind of confidence to rock it. Without being obvious and trite it’s rebellious in that it goes its own way. In a nutshell that’s me, that’s my life and that’s the way I approach things…music included.

Photo Credits:

Sunglasses: Mercura
Look 1: Nicholas K
Look 2: Big Park
Look 3: Big Park, Nicholas K., Adidas

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