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The Heavy Mental: Jason Dill - Dream Easy

Another interview surfaces with the enigmatic and always entertaining skating legend Jason Dill.

Another interview surfaces with the enigmatic and always entertaining skating legend Jason Dill. Thanks to the efforts of The Heavy Mental, the interview conduced by fellow skate photographer icon Todd Jordan speaks about the recent publication of his book as well as the acquisition of some of his imagery. Below are some excepts.

How did this project come into play? I feel that not many people know about this book because it was published in Japan and I’m curious how it all came about.
Pretty much just through the Fucking Awesome distribution in Tokyo, Neutron…
They wanted me to do a project, I asked them what? They said, “anything you want.” I figured, “Fuck it, I’ll do a book.” Though admittedly I am very self-conscious of my photos most of the time and have pretty much kept them to myself until now.

I know about the Dill X Fuck This Life book done for Supreme, but is this your first solo publishing?
Yea… Fuck This Life was a bit easier cause it was me and Dave, I was kinda freaked out to put out my own shit. I always feel like what I’m doing isn’t good enough to show. This is the first time I have had this many images come out at once.

Have you ever self published anything in the past?
No, I’ve only had a little bit of stuff published in magazines before FTL and Dream Easy.

How old were you when you made the polaroid that was used as the cover image?
I am 9, maybe 10 years old in that photo.

Do you have a lot of images from your past such as that one or is this one kind of the long lost lonely polaroid?
I have a few images I shot as a child. My mother sent me some others recently.

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