Daniel Arsham

Nationality: American / Age: 33 / Discipline: Visual Artist
Singling out highlight pieces from within the body of work from visual artist Daniel Arsham is a relatively simple process. His creations appear to fluidly tie in with one another through an explorative process of altering the perception of common objects. Arsham’s work offers a crossover of design and architecture, translated on different visual mediums that typically enforce the notion of re-forming broken objects into something artistically tangible. In recent months, Arsham has delved into a substantial list of exhibition shows, including events in Singapore, Paris, Amsterdam and Hong Kong, upholding his distinct aesthetic through each of these occasions. A partnership with Pharrell in 2013 took the form of several 1980s Casio MT-500 keyboards, cast from volcanic ash, crystal and steel. Arsham also continued his involvement with Snarkitecture alongside Alex Mustonen, flipping the script on the common perception of design and architecture overlapping.