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Steady Zine’s “Holi” Issue Ventures Deep into India

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Fresh off the presses in New York City is the newest issue of Steady Zine. A collaboration between three prolific artists in the city – Brian Kelley, Dan Zvereff and Justin Hogan – the indie ‘zine focuses on quality film and digital photos, oft...

Steady Zine “People” Issue Behind-The-Scenes | Video

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Bimonthly publication Steady Zine, founded by New York-based photographer Brian Kelley and fellow artists Dan Zvereff and Justin Hogan, is set to release its fourth issue, titled simply “People.” This upcoming issue sees a photographic st...

Steady “Bodegas” Zine

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When Brian Kelley isn’t seen in Tompkins Square Park blasting Full Cabs over a given obstacle, you might find him at various places around the world capturing his own unique perspective from behind a wide-angle lens. The New York-based photogra...

Steady “Subway” Zine Premiere

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Bimonthly publication Steady Zine kicks off its inaugural issue with a tangible production entitled “Subway.” Founded by Brian Kelley, Dan Zvereff and Justin Hogan, the premiere issue is a raw study of the innards of the century-old New Y...