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Miniature Workers by Slinkachu Raise Unemployment Awareness

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Amidst Europe’s own unemployment crisis, London-based artist/photographer Slinkachu installed a series of miniature workplace scenes around Paris to depict the difficulties that surround youth unemployment – a statistic that has reached nearly 30% in...

Slinkachu “Global Model Village” Exhibition @ Andipa Gallery and Broome Street Gallery

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“Global Model Village,” the latest exhibition by noted miniaturist Slinkachu, is an exploration of lowest common denominators — the everyday problems of “little” people worldwide. Working around the globe, the artist pee...

Slinkachu @ Fame Festival 2010

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London based artist Slinkachu recently featured in Italy’s recent Fame Festival. For those unfamiliar, the Fame Festival plays on the disparity between the Italian and English meaning of the word “fame” (hunger in the former) and features around...