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Laurent Segretier “Random Access” Exhibition @ Galerie Clemens Gunzer Preview

ArtsComments ⋅ Aug 30, 2013
Like most people in this generation, Laurent Segretier grew up with a vision of success vastly different than that of the generation before. It was experienced largely in front of television screens and computers, shaped by definitive marketing, and...

Made in Paradise “Summer Riot” Editorial

StyleComments ⋅ Aug 9, 2013
The collaborative project of childhood friends Maurice Maghnagi and Vishal Sani, Made in Paradise merges swimwear with a touch of street apparel for the urban man, taking inspiration from the graffiti, art and hip-hop that fueled their upbringing in...

Laurent Segretier Pays Homage to Hong Kong’s Marginalized Groups with Technology

ArtsComments ⋅ Jul 13, 2012
The Hong Kong Refugee Advice Centre in conjunction with the Sundaram Tagore Gallery commissioned preeminent Hong Kong-based French photographer Laurent Segretier to coordinate a one-night only exhibition featuring heartfelt, abstract portraits of Hon...