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Kaufmann Mercantile EDC Kit 2

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To cope with the ever-evolving meeds of the modern man, Kaufmann Mercantile presents its new EDC Kit 2. Standing for “Everyday Carry,” Kaufmann’s EDC Kit 2 builds upon its original EDC Kit with more tools like the new brass flashlig...

Kaufmann Mercantile EDC Kit

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The definition of ‘EDC,’ or ‘every day carry’ tends to vary from individual to individual, and livelihood to livelihood. For Kaufmann Mercantile who supplies military and law enforcement agencies with vital tools, it’s a...

Kaufmann Mercantile x Gene Wiseman Handmade Sodbuster Pocket Knife

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Since its inception, there has been a close connection between a man and his pocket knife. In accordance, Kaufmann Mercantile and Gene Wiseman have joined forces to produce an understated offering with the Handmade Sodbuster Pocket Knife. The knife f...