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OffTheWall.TV: Time and Space – Neckface Part 1

CultureComments ⋅ Jul 22, 2011
In this latest installment of the Time and Space series from OffTheWall.TV, we hear from California graffiti artist Neckface. Operating under a veil of anonymity, the artist is well-known for his recognizable style of drawings as well as his humo...

Shepard Fairey @ West Hollywood Library

ArtsComments ⋅ Jul 21, 2011
As we previously informed you, West Hollywood Library is currently undergoing a deluxe facelift thanks to the work of three supremely talented street artists curated by MOCA: Kenny Scharf, Shepard Fairey and RETNA. Stepping up to bat as the secon...

‘Rudimentary Perfection’ Graffiti Film

ArtsComments ⋅ Jul 19, 2011
The UK’s first comprehensive “Graffuturism” exhibition titled Rudimentary Perfection brings together an impressive group of notable international artists linked by their innovative spirit & shared graffiti heritage. Each of...

RETNA @ The West Hollywood Library

ArtsComments ⋅ Jul 19, 2011
Los Angeles was always a little behind-the-times when it came to cutting-edge and up-and-coming contemporary art. The city’s MOCA institution, however, has been out to change that as of late and, so far, is doing an excellent job. New from...

HECTIC Osaka Installation Video

CultureComments ⋅ Jul 18, 2011
Japanese brand HECTIC has recently opened a new storefront in Osaka and, in order to celebrate its christening, decided to tag their logo on a wall in the location. Never shy of social media, the brand then videotaped the process, sped it up and...

At Home with Banksy by Julia Kim Smith

ArtsComments ⋅ Jul 13, 2011
Baltimore-based artist Julia Kim Smith has dubbed herself “a conceptual artist whose work explores issues of identity, memory, and the artistic, social, and political landscape.” Her latest series of photographs, however, is more of a...

C.R. Stecyk III “Luxuria” Video

CultureComments ⋅ Jul 7, 2011
Artist Craig R. Stecyk III digs into an enviable archive to create a montage titled “Luxuria.” The short film captures both stills and film that dates all the way back to 1965, with visuals that capture a pioneering time in both skate...

D*Face Pool Paint Attack

ArtsComments ⋅ Jul 6, 2011
Although attaching spray paint cans to skateboards and using them to decorate a pool may seem like a silly act of vandalism or a rogue prank, the planning, technological work and organization of that exact feat, seen in the video above, took near...

Only Time Will Tell

CultureComments ⋅ Jul 5, 2011
It appears as though Los Angeles-based street artist Revok is back in the game again following his recent jail stint. Along with fellow artists Rime, Askew, Score, Deus, Vans, Witnes and Dabs & Myla, Revok was part of a project to paint a wa...

omsk167 Point of View Graffiti

CultureComments ⋅ Jun 30, 2011
Thanks to small, portable cameras such as the GoPro HD that can be head-mounted, anything can essentially be recorded from the point of view of the user. German graffiti writer shares several videos that show him taking to the streets of graffiti...

El Mac and Retna: Let the Arts Roam

ArtsComments ⋅ Jun 28, 2011
El Mac and Retna are street artists, born in LA. They use building walls as blank canvases for their imagery, and the duo has collaborated to create murals all over the world. The result is striking imagery that is unique and recognizable as thei...

Banksy for Tox

ArtsComments ⋅ Jun 22, 2011
“Operation Misfit” was the name of the British Transport Police’s attempt at curbing graffiti around the UK, and the dubiously-titled endeavor succeeded in taking down 5 prominent street artists including Tox. As an ode to their...

Kinect Graffiti™

ArtsComments ⋅ Jun 16, 2011
We’ve seen an increasing trend of incorporating digital tools in the realm of graffiti and art. Kinect Graffiti™ utilizes Microsoft’s Kinect camera to repurpose the technology into a new dynamic graffiti tool. With the tracking abilit...

David Flores Murals in Los Angeles

ArtsComments ⋅ Jun 11, 2011
Graffiti artist David Flores who is known for his stained glass-style portraits and embellishing other painters’ work has hit the walls of Los Angeles again. Arrested Motion shares us his newest piece from downtown LA made during the monthl...

KIDULT “Illegalize Graffiti” Video Interview

ArtsComments ⋅ May 27, 2011
Angered and frustrated by the sudden infatuation and commercialization of the graffiti movement, French street artist Kidult has taken to the streets of Paris in an effort to reclaim his craft. In a retaliation against major luxury labels, Kidult...
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