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Getting High with a Hallucinogenic Toad Prophet

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First vol. First

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Heard Hopsin been talkin shit about me

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my white roommate said he could out rap me.. so we traded bars...

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That Awkward Gym Guy

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[Official] - "My Reaction When" Gif Thread

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Should I pay out the ass for college? (Stern) srs

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Why old ig pics gettin likes

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Asian guy wears Nazi shirt in public

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Serious dicussion about illuminati vol. killuminati

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Why do girls gotta be so jealous

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Happy April Fools

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Sexual Discrimination

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What happened to Strange Brew from season 1 of The Ultimate Fighter

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What to do with my old computer? (Forgot the password)

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Follow Thread...Follow Me On Twitter and Tumblr

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What do you guys do for a living?

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I don't blame Tyga.

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what do real niggas do?

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alright guys

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your experience of losing your virginity.......

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STUDY: Jay-Z Calls Women "Bitches" in Over 50% of His Songs

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The Official THICK Asian Girls Thread

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Alcohol Consumption

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Scientific perspective of life after death

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[Official] - Black People Twitter Thread

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Anyone know anything about being a bankruptcy and immigration paralegal?

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What do you make of this relationship shit.

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Suge Knight kills people when he's bored

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what was your favorite thing to do in your teenage years?

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Any Cig Smokers Here?

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[Official] HB March Madness Pool

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craziest thing you have ever done drunk or high

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Powdered Alcohol???

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Lost Iphone Vol. Wasted

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Yall niggas chasin dreams or money?

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If you could sell your life $1 million/per year, how many years would you sell?

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Fuck Y'all

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anyone ever moved to a different state wit they girl at a young age before? how did it go?

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