June 17, 2013 @ 10:49 AM


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Hey Ive a problem, I asked CounterCulture for a proxy service and sent him 120 Dollars 2 months ago, I wanted to have the PCL Crusher but we didnt know the release of it so he said send me the money and when it will release he will cop it for me. Now hes offline since 4 days and I havent heard from him, I tried to message him via email and hypebeast but no response, does anyone have info on him? Is he a legit guy? I think so cuz hes a member since 2009, but Im getting nervous since 120 Dollars is a lot of money for me! Anyone dealt with this guy before?
August 10, 2013 @ 08:26 AM

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I organized a proxy buy of a pair of shorts and a shirt from the Supreme SS13 collection from counterculture. I told him I would wait (3 months) for both items to drop so he could ship them both at the same time.

My package arrived with the shorts but the shirt wasn't in it. I emailed him and he explained that his 'assistant' had forgot to ship the shirt and he would be shipping it immediately. It has been three weeks and he isn't answering my emails.

I would say he is definitely a scammer. He scammed 180 dollars off me (price of shirt plus shipping)

Is there any way we can take action?

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