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Battlefield: Hardline 12-Minute Single-Player Gameplay Trailer

A subtle awe-filled gasp filled the air as Battlefield: Hardline was previewed at the E3 conference earlier this summer, as the new release from EA represented a departure from the established formula of the Battlefield series. With new game modes, a re-alligned focus on ‘cops and robbers’, and of course, improved graphics, EA and Visceral Games put protagonist Nick Mendoza at the heart of the Miami crime scene. Here we find a mouthwatering new trailer for the game, which outlines the gameplay in single-player mode. The cinematic preview is sure to whet the appetites of game enthusiasts ahead of the game’s release on October 21.

Date: Aug 13, 2014  /  Views: 36  /  Author: Josh Davis
Category: Entertainment  /  Tags: Videos, Gaming, Trailers, Battlefield: hardline, Battlefield