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Vesaro I Evolve Extreme Racing Simulator

As a kid living in the Northeast, my winters confined me to the fluorescent lights of the mall arcade. Countless quarters went into my favorite childhood games, among them Cruis’n USA, to which I can still clearly hear “Checkpoint!” ringing with relief through my ears. During the ‘90s, this street racing simulator was the pinnacle of cutting-edge graphics (well, at least to me it was), yet 20 years after it first rolled into your local arcade, the Vesaro I Evolve Extreme Special Edition has now taking the reins of this classic genre. Consisting of everything you need to feel locked into the driver’s seat of a real sports car, this simulator features the world’s first 55-inch triple-curved OLED display setup from LG to provide 165 inches of screen that wraps around your entire peripheral. A Level 4 Extreme PC with two Radeon HD7990 6GB graphics cards is supplemented by a roaring Logitech Z906 THX 5.1 surround sound system and the Buttkicker Advanced Tactile Feedback System to feel every turn and bump. What’s more is that you can choose to fully customize your setup, from the rig to the type of finish. Check out the Vesaro I Evolve Extreme Racing Simulator here.

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