Hikmet of Solebox Discusses Passion for Footwear and the Reebok 30th Anniversary Classic Leather

Behind every great product, there is an underlying passion, and this is perhaps no more true than when considering footwear. The lines of classic silhouettes can never be replaced, creating its own stories and followings as the shoe takes on an iconic status. The 30th anniversary of Reebok‘s Classic Leather has led the brand to celebrate the stores that have facilitated the shoe’s success. One such store is Berlin’s Solebox, an iconic shop in its own right, and one that has been an ambassador to the city’s footwear scene since its inception. In considering another part of Reebok’s Certified Network, we sit down with Hikmet, one of the essential driving forces behind Solebox. Discussing his thoughts on ‘exclusivity,’ how the store began, and his undying passion for sneakers, Hikmet is a prime example of turning passion into reality. Enjoy the video above.

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