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Daft Punk Cover for Dazed & Confused's June 2013 Issue Shot by Hedi Slimane

By now, you’ve most likely formed an opinion over the numerous reports regarding Daft Punk‘s latest exploits that surround its upcoming project, Random Access Memories. Dazed Digital are the latest to give the dynamic duo their shine with a highlight on its June 2013 issue cover. An early hint foreshadows the stunning cover shot by none other than Hedi Slimane as the piece works nicely off of Daft Punk’s “Giorgio by Moroder” — a nine-minute tribute to the Italian synth master, Giorgio Moroder. The shoot also marks the first time that the duo of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have been photographed with anybody else. Below are select quotes from the article within the issue which hits newsstands this Wednesday – and check out the full piece on Dazed & Confused’s website.


Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo: It was a really special process. Every album we’ve done is tightly linked with our lives. You cannot separate your life and your music and your job; everything’s linked. The internal, personal stuff Thomas went through during Human After All made it closer to where he was at the time, and this one feels a lot closer to me than him. We make music together, but this one took me to some special depths, getting really close to what I was going through personally. I’ve never been too technical; Thomas is more the technician. This album has more soul.


I didn’t have any idea how you guys would use it. I thought you might cut it up into a rap. So I was pleasantly surprised when I heard it the first time. It was also kind of emotional to hear my story and a little bit of my sound in there. I’m one of the few humans alive whose biography is a song.


Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo: Right now my brain is shutting everything down, making me pretend that everything is normal. It still amazes me that everyone is so crazy about what we are doing. I’m like, either I am crazy or everybody’s crazy. Maybe I am just dreaming but people seem to really freak out at what we are doing. I don’t know why!

Thomas Bangalter: The music itself is exactly what we wanted it to be. We have no anxiety about that. Sharing it with the world is something different. It’s a big question mark. There’s a certain amount of excitement and madness that enters the equation.

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