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becomb Rose Gold Infinity Piece by Levi Maestro

At first glance, the lack of a dial, numbers or any sense of measurement on becomb‘s Infinity Piece seems jarring, if not peculiar. However the piece, designed wholly by Levi Maestro, is more so a statement than it is a watch. True, it’s meant to be worn on the wrist, yet the piece symbolizes how irrelevant time becomes when you are consumed by a passion. As the original piece in becomb’s line, the brand now releases the Infinity Piece in a stunning Rose Gold colorway. With a 38mm stainless steel face and a genuine stingray band, becomb’s Infinity Piece is a subtle, yet powerful reminder of the important things in life–except a meeting you might be running late for. The Infinity Piece in Rose Gold is available for $150 USD on becomb’s web store.

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