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Hector Magazine by HOSTEM

The second publication by East London menswear establishment HOSTEM surprises with its edgy facade and bold visuals. Defying the notion of a conventional publication, each issue is named and designed after a different man and is also given that individual’s identity. Unlike his predecessor of the art house-loving, stylish and sensitive Sebastian who clearly thrived on the 1990s, Hector appears to be an intellectual activist from a different decade concerned with politics, humanities and parity. This issue was designed to look like a radical newspaper with a defaced poster cover. Turn the page and be greeted with the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. in a lucid “welcome note” filled with protest quotes signed off by Hector. The rest of the magazine is impressive in the same vein, but you can check it out for yourself here.

Film: Paul Storrie and Chris Lee

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