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Breathtaking Mosaics Fashioned from Tiny Hand-Cast Objects

New York-based artist Kevin Champeny merges multiple forms of media in his latest large-format artworks. Combining elements of painting, hand-casting, sculpture and mosaics, the artist creates breathtaking large-scale images of skulls, flags and other objects. At a first glance, these pieces appear to be mosaics, but upon closer inspection, reveals them to be sculptures made up of hundreds or thousands of tiny objects that are individually set by the artist. Although the idea of creating images made up of a multitude of smaller components such as this may not be new, Champeny challenges its status quo by crafting each of the tiny elements by hand. By using original and relevant objects – nothing is painted – Champeny meticulously glues the tens of thousands of final objects to a surface piece by piece, meaning the process from design to completion takes several months to complete. Flag, is an American flag made up of 44,450 urethane army men cast in red, white and blue, whereas What Remains – a five-foot-wide skull mosaic – is made up of more than 35,000 tiny handmade flowers. To view more of Champeny’s work, you can head over to his blog.

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