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Zynga to Buy OMGPOP Makers of 'Draw Something'

Zynga’s wildly successful pop culture magnates FarmVille and Words With Friends have apparently printed enough money through the games’ microtransaction system to allow Zynga to buy Draw Something, another popular app-based game from the makers at OMGPOP. While final amounts have yet to be officially released, it sounds like Zynga bought the inherent and future potential earnings value of Draw Something for a record $180 million USD, plus an additional $30 million bailout (previous Zynga buyouts have been between 5 and 20 million). The value of Draw Something is twofold — firstly, the game has grown to 15 million daily active users who have created more than a billion drawings since the game launched. And secondly, these huge numbers paired with equally impressive earnings potential through the game’s own microtransaction system. With competition succumbing to massive buyouts like this, one can only surmise at the potential for a plateau amidst the casual/mobile gaming industry.

Source: TechCrunch

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