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AGENDA: A Conversation with Shepard Fairey

Amidst the events at the recent 2012 AGENDA Long Beach trade show, HBTV was able to catch up with a range of designers, artists and brand builders that were in attendance. Taking a decidedly different interview approach, we focused in on broad range of topics firing off open-ended subjects to each interviewee and seeing what first came to mind.

In the latest feature, we take some time out with the world famous man behind the OBEY brand: Shepard Fairey. While OBEY has become a mainstay within the world of street fashion, Shepard Fairey possesses a degree of humility about the label’s successes while also maintaining a solid grasp of where he believes the OBEY brand resides creatively. For this interview, we quick fired subjects and had Shepard state the first things that came to mind. Among the topics were his love for food trucks, keeping the streets free, and his perennial musical interest in the sounds of The Clash, Public Enemy and Lil Wayne – all of which contribute to a lighthearted yet insightful discussion.

Director: David Gallardo

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