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Polls: Nintendo 3DS vs. PlayStation Vita

Although the world of handheld gaming systems has never been the most relevant or widely used, the increasing popularity of mobile phone video games are proof that consumers are still keen to the accessibility of on-the-go gaming. When Nintendo introduced its 3DS in the beginning of 2011 it was a device that was groundbreaking in many respects, yet lacked some of the core functionality and compelling content that would prove to prevent it from fully advancing the market status quo. Just this past holiday season however, PlayStation continued its handheld line releasing the PS Vita, competing not only with the 3DS, but smartphones and interactive tablets as well. Offering a crisp OLED touch screen, intuitive downloadable apps like Netflix and GPS, advanced web browser capabilities and more, the Vita is an enticing replacement for the out-of-date PSP. Although the Nintendo 3DS may not stack up to some of these core features, it does however offer an innovative 3D screen without the use of glasses, a wide range of available games, and retails at a reasonably cheaper price tag.

So, which you think is the stronger system – Nintendo 3DS or the PlayStation Vita?

Looking back at our last post in which we asked, “Do You Have Tattoos?” A lengthy discussion saw the very equitable results with 53.8% of voters saying that “Yes,” they did have tattoos while 46.2% of voters stated that “No,” they did not have tattoos.

Nintendo 3DS vs. PlayStation Vita

  • PlayStation Vita
  • Nintendo 3DS
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