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PHONON SMB-02 Headphones

Slam Jam has taken stock of the SMB-02, a premium headphone produced by Japanese audio company PHONON. Although a fairly new venture, PHONON has quickly emerged on the market due to a solid backing from three top professional veteran audiophiles who joined up with highly respected sound and mastering engineer Isao Kumano, Alex Prat aka DJ Alex from Tokyo, and producer/audio technician Yusuke Uchiyama aka no milk to create the brand. After decades of research, dedication and high-level experience in the audio industry, the crew was simply looking for better sound delivery, so they invented, developed and produced a revolutionary high end audio device based on an innovative new technology, concept and theory: the “PHD.” Offered below is a bit more insight into the design technology, with availability here.

The PHD is our main invention and technology at phonon. The starting point of our idea behind phonon is to accurately deliver the musician’s true sound. Through the PHD device, the original soundwave is not effected or altered. As a result, it delivers “a never experienced before” honest reproduction of the original sound.

How does it work?

The PHD is a small, very sensitive vibrating metal device that connects to the + and – of your speakers (for pre-amplified speakers, you will have to open your speakers to connect it). The PHD vibrates in harmony with soundwaves coming from your speakers, simultaneously transmitting ultrasound waves that compensate for the delay in transmission of some frequencies, causing all the frequencies to align. The original musical waveforms are replicated without changing the characteristics of the speakers.

The PHD enhances your perception and sense of hearing, making you feel and experience the “real sound” of the original waveform. Result: a more precise and detailed soundscope. The PHD concept comes from the unique notion of compensating for the waveforms that speakers cannot replicate. It is a sophisticated subtle “high end” audio instrument. For most effective use we recommend using it in a good sound set up and environment. The better your set up, the better the effect!

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