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Team Works x Deadline x NoProposal.TV Trailer

“This is not a proposal, this is an invitation.”

On the backs of two of New York’s finest, Neal Santos of Teamworks and NA of Deadline present their latest project, NoProposal.tv. Knowing full well the current degenerative state of so-called streetwear, the two are setting off on a US-wide tour and documenting their experiences with many leading stores, brands and personalities. Bringing a personal factor that emails and instant messaging can’t bring, the two will provide some great insights and experiences into the dying art of the traveling salesman where relationships and face-time were key. Nothing but good can come of this where more often than note the all important background and character that goes into a brand is lost. Check the trailer and full run-down after the jump as NoProposal.TV looks to drop a 3-minute webisode each week.

NoProposal.tv would like to invite you into the very heart of streetwear. Why? To show you that it is still alive. With today’s financial and world climate being what it is , so called streetwear brands are falling off left and right. Marketing, advertising, PR budgets are gone. Product lines are being scaled back. Stores are going out of business. But if the history is any indicator, regardless of what happens to business, the culture will survive. It is in this vein that NoProposal, in association with Teamworks and Deadline, are launching NoProposal, a cross-country journey dedicated to seeking out the culture of streetwear, or what ever you want to call it, wherever it lives. Too much communication takes place without people these days. Everything is a blog post or twitter feed, brands don’t know who their customers are, and customers don’t really know who’s behind their favorite brands. NoProposal wants to bring it back to the days of the traveling salesman with the belief that people will stick with who they know personally in this increasingly impersonal world.

NoProposal is Angel “NA” Nieves and Neal Santos, native New Yorkers who were shaping the industry before its conception, living and breathing the skateboard/bike/street lifestyle that gave birth to “ Streetwear”. They are well known by reputation. How ever, they’ve realized that rep isn’t anything outside of New York; except what the internet says about you. With that in mind, NA and Neal are hitting the road to seek out the shops, the brands, the artist, the skaters, the cool kid, who are keeping creativity and the progression alive, even while everything else seems to be turning to shit. At each stop, NA and Neal will connect with the connectors, sharing with them the experiences of living in the epicenter of the world, NYC, and
giving the access to their unique brand of trend forecasting by way of the brands that have joined them on NoProposal. In return they will get true street level insights from every important local market in the country. There is no better way to understand the minds of the consumers than to meet them face to face.

In order to share their experiences and the important insights these experiences bring, NoProposal will document every part of their journey. From truck stops to skateparks to strip malls to boutiques, NoProposal will capture every person, place and thing that they come across. The end result will be the truest living representation of the current national streetwear scene. Although the backbone of NoProposal is inherently old school, the project also has a decidedly modern component. Each week, NoProposal will produce a professionally filmed and edited 3minute webisode featuring the most enlightening and entertaining portions of the tour.

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