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HYPEBEAST Feature: Essentials - UBIQ

Our latest HYPEBEAST Essentials takes us to the city of Brotherly Love as Philadelphia’s UBIQ holds it down as the leading purveyor of all your sneakers and apparel needs in addition to spearheading the Stussy Philadelphia Chapter. We catch up with four key members of UBIQ, Mike Rios, Ron Crawford, Dylan Houser and Andy Kang as they talk about their five daily necessities like… yeh… SneakerPimping.

Mike Rios – Web – Director / RingMaster

VW ’07 Rabbit
Almost 34,000 miles in 15 months. Needless to say, I drive a LOT. Gas is no joke these days, but I HAVE to have my car. Everyday. It gets my girl and I to work every other day (we trade off to reduce our carbon footprints a bit), it makes sitting in traffic bareable, and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Moleskine Notebook
It’s been there for every important meeting I’ve been a part of in the past 2 years. I carry it everywhere because you really never know when your next big meeting will be. I’ve got a crazy system in there to organize the notes, and I’m getting low on pages, but this will still make the trip with me even when a new one joins it in my bag.

Digital Cameras
My own personal Leica for side work and carrying everywhere, and the work Canon for product shots galore and capturing those blog moments. I don’t go anywhere without a camera. Too many good opportunities have come about because of photos I was able to take.

A.P.C. Wallet
Up until a few months ago I was the dude who put change in his wallet. With receipts, and my cards, and the corporate card it would always get out of control. I mean, I’ve got a system, but there was only so much space. But my lady fixed that quick with this birthday gift. Its change pocket is clutch, while the big flap keeps everything in place.

Ron Crawford – Store manager / The Barack Obama

Easy Button
Some people like to try and make life ha

This one will become a paper football come July 11th

Jamal Smith (“Son”/Roommate / Employee)
Its amazingly funny to watch him progress in Life, work and skateboarding all at the same time

umm yeah!


Andy Kang – Buyer / Store Bouncer

No matter how bad I wanna smoke, I can never seem to find a lighter. I leave one at the store, office, home, and in the car and STILL manage to lose them.

You would think that after shaving my head for over six years I’d be a pro at it right? Wrong! When someone calls me out and says, “Damn son you got a patch on your head!” I take the travel razor out and BAM it’s gone.

Everyone is whipping out their shiny new Blackberries. Me? I got this jacked up piece. Note to anyone else with a Blackberry: do not slide on blacktop facedown.

Bose Headphones
Perfect for ignoring everyone on the train, bus or even at work! It’s magic.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Kojima’s masterpiece, end to one of the greatest game sagas in history, reason to waste more money on a PS3. What more can I say? You absolutely need this game in your life. Forget the crazy ass story of MGS2. This is all-action, no bullshit.

Dylan Houser – UBIQ designer/left fielder

I know Croakies isn’t the proper name, but it sounds so much better than eyewear restraint. Probably the best 99 cents you could spend. No excuses for lost glasses.

500GB LaCie Brick Desktop Hard Drive
If you’re going to have a big block on your desk, it might as well look like a giant Lego. Used strictly to hold music.

Grado SR80 Headphones
Be glad you don’t have to sit by me on the bus. These open air headphones give the most rich sound possible. You can hear a muffled version of what I am. Easily the only way to listen to music. Say no to noise-canceling!

This American Life Podcasts
I spend way too much of my time commuting. With that being one of the most boring ways to spend at least 2 hours of my day, every day, I should probably listen to someone else’s story. Clearly, mine isn’t very exciting.

Paul Frank Calculator Watch
If I’m going to wear croakies, I have no choice but to top it off with a calculator watch. I spent a good 3 years working for Paul Frank and love nothing more than representing it on my wrist. Girls think it’s cute. How can I say no?

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