HYPEBEAST Presents 5&A Dime & Gumball 3000 - Day 5

The fifth day of 5&A Dime and the Gumball 3000 rally brought the crew to China following their stay in North Korea. Funny thing is, they had to take a course to acquire their Chinese licenses. Anybody who’s been in Mainland China has to question if anybody actually took the course as it’s home to some of the worst drivers in the world. As well, looks like everybody got pretty bunged up at the event party.

“Day 5 started bright and early at the Twin Towers Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea. Our short stay in the country was winding down, but we got to take a quick walk around the city with our mandatory Tour Guides. You are not allowed to walk around without a guide, or take pictures without permission. We did get to introduce our guides to skateboarding, something they have never seen in person. After retrieving the belongings that were confiscated when we entered the country, including our cell phones and passports, we had to bid adieu to North Korea and board a plane back to China. Our trip was short, but the country definitely left its mark on us.

Upon landing in China, customs confiscated our video camera, saying that it was too “professional” and that we didn’t have permission. After an hour of pleading, we still didn’t get it back. We then had to take a funny safe driving presentation to get our Chinese driver’s licenses. The local government had a welcoming ceremony for us, where we sat in the ridiculous heat for what seemed forever. We then met back up with our Mitsubishi Evolution X MR, which just endured it’s own journey from Las Vegas. We were the first out after the ribbon cutting, and we followed a police escort to Shanghai. Once we finally arrived, we rested, partied, then hit the hay. Our day started early again the next morning.”

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