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Seoul-based brand WE11DONE is fastly becoming a hit amongst style experts fond of mixing streetwear and high-luxury in their wardrobe. The house has close ties to the world of K-Pop (co-founder Dami Kwon is G Dragon’s sister) and fans of the music genre see the brand as a go-to name for building looks inspired by their favorite pop artists. Global recognition is also starting to take shape for WE11DONE with world-renowned musicians like Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber wearing the Korean label’s most outstanding pieces.

What makes WE11DONE special is that it isn’t pinned down to a specific aesthetic or concept. Founders Dami Kwon and Jessica Jung simply make clothing they like by starting with a general idea or silhouette in mind then progressively refining it. The result is a fun mix of streetwear heavy pieces juxtaposed with more tailored, avant-garde designs. The house’s SS21 for example offers artfully printed tops, colorful oversized knits, slim-fitting blazers and asymmetric dresses. Silhouettes like these are what continually attracts global stores like SSENSE, Farfetch and Browns to stock the brand season-after-season.

Dami Kwon and Jessica Jung have a bright future ahead. WE11DONE looks to lead the future of fashion in Asia, especially in regards to the continent’s most stylish and affluent young consumers. 2020 was a jumpoff point for the brand to hit its stride globally. The U.K. and U.S. have already caught on to its music culture influence and it won’t be long until WE11DONE becomes a bigger mainstream success.