Hajime Sorayama
Sophie Caraan/HYPEBEAST

2020 Hypes Score
Art , Fashion


Hajime Sorayama is known for his sci-fi illustrations and sculptures of robot humans and animals. There’s an erotic element to his retro-futuristic works that study how intimacy can exist amongst artificially-intelligent beings. Humanity’s relationship with everyday technology and objects is also studied topic in Sorayama’s creations.

2019 was a high point in Sorayama’s career culminating in a collaboration alongside Kim Jones and luxury fashion label Dior. In 2020, however, the 73-year-old visionary kept on and started the year strong with a partnership involving Asian music collective, 88rising. The team-up involved Sorayama graphics on clothing that became interactive through the use of AR.

Other fashion collabs in the year happened with names like Poggy and XLARGE for more graphically-charged apparel. Japanese brand XLARGE tapped the creative for a series of clothing featuring works from Sorayama’s “Sex Matter” exhibit. The show, which was one of the most talked-about exhibitions of 2020, explored the artist’s continued philosophy on intimacy and humanity’s constant obsession with their material belongings.

Lastly, Sorayama linked up with fellow futuristic artist Daniel Arsham for a standout design — a pair of female robot hands holding an eroded camera relic. Additionally, alongside Medicom toy, the artist and the renowned collectible purveyor released a chromed out T-Rex figure measuring 24-inches in height.