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To all the asians...........

Mar 01, 2007 @ 23:20

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Mar 01, 2007 @ 23:25
Read it and still not sure what he died of.
Mar 01, 2007 @ 23:27
dehydration,massive brain overload, the body is so tired that just killed him i guess

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Mar 01, 2007 @ 23:30
To all the asian my ass. More like, to all the World of Warcraft addicts..
Mar 02, 2007 @ 00:05
never really got into video games.


Mar 02, 2007 @ 00:05
I figured out how he died

Too much hypbeast
Mar 02, 2007 @ 00:15
read the title "Man dies after 'marathon'" so im thinkin he was running or biking...

i get to "marathon" online gaming session" and start LMAO..

link at the bottom to "curing internet addicts"....damn *****s have no life...
Mar 02, 2007 @ 00:37
lol i read somewhere that some kid commited suicide cus he had a bad day in Warcraft
Mar 02, 2007 @ 01:00
^ Yep, he did. And this is just rumor, but I heard that the mother was going to sue, but what's the point?

This is sad news. A wake-up call for the die-hard, addicted, and unrestrained gamers.
Mar 02, 2007 @ 01:50
why is this dedicated to all the asians? maybe someone is confused...

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Mar 02, 2007 @ 01:53
because this usually happens to asians....but old news
Mar 02, 2007 @ 01:54
what usually happens to asians, dying of too much computer?
Mar 02, 2007 @ 01:55
the kid was obviously a geeky, obese, unattractive, unsocialble, dude. wtf else is he supposed to do except get emerged in some kind of false reality? i bet he died happy.
Mar 02, 2007 @ 01:58
This happened before in China, I'm not suprised it happened again.
Mar 02, 2007 @ 08:31
why is this dedicated to all the asians? maybe someone is confused...

haha cuz every time you do go on the comp to play online your always in a game with at least 3 asians >_<
Mar 02, 2007 @ 10:59
dam that sucks..i used to play counterstrike, i cant never play it no more than 3hrs. My head be hurting.
Mar 02, 2007 @ 11:06
that dude was overweight too
prob not that healthy
Mar 02, 2007 @ 11:19
yeah i used to play cs too in the seventh grade...but i wouldnt play more than an hour...adventure and a lotta shooting games give me headaches...especially the ones where you can only see the gun..i think its call first person...

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Mar 02, 2007 @ 16:37
when you hear stories about people dying from spending too much time playing computer games straight, they're usually asian. there really isn't much to argue.
Mar 02, 2007 @ 21:45
Every story like that is always involve a obsse man and playing for non-stop 2+ days.
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