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Sep 12, 2009 @ 18:07
ooh really?? I might go there soon then
Sep 18, 2009 @ 06:02
There's another secret sample sale on Thursday 1st of October from 12 to 9pm in Bricklane if anyone interested.
Sep 20, 2009 @ 15:32
did anyone see Jay-Z at The Roundhouse or at Wembley? I watched him and Coldplay perform last night at Wembley and it was pretty sick. I even enjoyed Coldplay (surprisingly)
Sep 20, 2009 @ 15:55
My parents went to the show on friday and said it was really good. I wish i'd have gone with them really.
Sep 20, 2009 @ 16:03
wish my parents were cool enough to listen to jay-z!
Sep 21, 2009 @ 09:30
Lol they went for Coldplay really. My mum was like "i can tell he's good at what he does but i'm not gonna be joining a fan club any time soon."
Sep 21, 2009 @ 13:09
that's fair play, like 2 years ago my dad came to kanye west with me, it was actually funny as shit 'cause he had never heard any of his music, he was like 'he's alright, still prefer a bit of sinatra though' haha he only came because i was a huge fan and he wouldn't let me go on my own
Sep 21, 2009 @ 14:58
haha well it was annoying because when Jay came on everyone around us stayed seated like it was no big deal(so we went into the crowd), but when Coldplay came on everyone jumped up and went crazy. but I have to admitt Coldplay were amazing too
Oct 03, 2009 @ 18:50
I killed this thread
Oct 03, 2009 @ 18:55
Oct 11, 2009 @ 08:44
Oct 12, 2009 @ 15:21
thread is dead, nothing happens in the UK!
Oct 12, 2009 @ 15:56
london film festival starts this week. anyone going?
Oct 13, 2009 @ 12:47
anyone been/going to Fright Night at Thorpe Park? Its soo good I went last night for the 1000th time.
Oct 13, 2009 @ 13:09
wish i could do shit like that, so busy these days with school/sport though.

i have thought about it cause halloween is on a saturday night this year i think, so its definately possible!
Oct 14, 2009 @ 16:47
does anyone remember that huge sale that happened around this time last year

it was like all the good brands
stussy bape

thats all i remember any details ?
Oct 15, 2009 @ 15:05
if i remember correctly, it was part-run by people at hideout. i doubt there is gonna be another one; they would have advertised it on their website by now.
Oct 16, 2009 @ 07:24
WTF!! HM Revenue and Customs overcharging me.
Oct 16, 2009 @ 13:12
serious pisstake
Oct 25, 2009 @ 16:35
Anyone go to the bucs vs. patriots game at Wembley today?
Oct 25, 2009 @ 18:37
wish i did, i'm a huge NFL fan. i'm praying it's the eagles (cause they're my team) next year, i'm gonna get tickets regardless though.

man we should have a london meet up someday soon, would be pretty cool.

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Oct 25, 2009 @ 19:15
hello lads!!!
Oct 26, 2009 @ 15:42
^ ello
Oct 26, 2009 @ 18:36
Oct 27, 2009 @ 00:22
Hi guys, I was wondering if you could tell me some shops that sell Supras in London ?
Oct 27, 2009 @ 15:29
Slam city skates, offspring convent garden and offspring selfridges
Oct 27, 2009 @ 15:43
flatspot (online), natterjacks in kingston
Oct 28, 2009 @ 16:55
yeh natterjacks has quite a few.
Oct 29, 2009 @ 08:24
routeone.co.uk have some aswell ;)
Oct 29, 2009 @ 18:59
This aint really that important but are your times on hypebeast (like when you posted a message etc.) fucked up (an hour ahead) now the clocks have gone back. And does anyone know how i change it?
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