UNDERCOVER Jacket “A Clockwork Orange”

Release Date

September 08, 2019 (US)


1200 USD




Following its colorful range of A Clockwork Orange backpacks release back in August, UNDERCOVER has returned with three insulated jackets referencing the Kubrick classic.

All three pieces are emblazoned with a cut from an iconic scene in the film where Alex (the main character) is undergoing “Ludovico,” a form of aversion therapy that primes patients with violent movies in order to condition them to become sick at the thought of violence. To do this, Alex was strapped to an instrument with clamps that held his eyes open. According to sources, Malcolm McDowell, who played Alex, actually sliced his cornea during filming which forced Kubrick to cut the scene shorter than originally intended – with the evocative backstory, this graphic vignette has since given the image a lasting impression.

Two puffer jackets are offered up in tinted palettes of yellow and grey. “A CLOCKWORK ORANGE” is thinly printed on the upper left chest, with official trademark licensing placed below. The pieces come with zipper pockets at the sides and adjustable drawstrings at the hood. The same print is repeated on the back complimented with more “A CLOCKWORK ORANGE” branding. The next piece is an insulated coach jacket, glossed with the image, this time in color. Coming with regular collars, tonal snap buttons and welt pockets, the piece is constructed with all the design motifs of a traditional coaches jacket, finished off with the addition of a hidden zipper pocket at the back.

The UNDERCOVER jackets are currently available at undercoverism.com and MATCHESFASHION.COM, ranging from approximately $1,372 – $2,300 USD.

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