Activision Blizzard x Uniqlo UT Collection

Release Date

June 17, 2019 (US)






Uniqlo UT is back and now presents a collaboration with Activision’s Blizzard Entertainment.

The capsule is comprised of graphic T-shirts featuring artwork taken from Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II. These fan-favorite titles are plastered over the front of both plain and pocket T-shirts and are available in an array of colors such as white, navy, dark grey, black and blue.

Overwatch T-shirts feature the South Korean MEKA pilot D.Va and Brazilian DJ Lúcio. Additionally, the World of Warcraft pieces let wearers choose to side with either the Alliance or the Hord on the faction and hero-adorned T-shirts, while Diablo garments feature two unique Lord of Terror designs.

Take a look at the entire collection in the gallery above and shop all of the Blizzard Entertainment x Uniqlo UT T-shirts at Uniqlo stores globally and online. T-shirts are priced at $14.90 USD each.

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