Day in the Life with Levi's and DJ Lonely on the Dance Floor Day to Night Styles
Day in the Life with Levi's and DJ Lonely on the Dance Floor Day to Night Styles
Lonely on the Dance Floor Found Purpose and Self-Expression Through Music
Spend a Day in the Life with the NYC-based DJ as he shows off his favorite Levi’s pieces across the city.

For New York-based DJ Ty, anywhere can be a dance floor. Also known by his stage name, Lonely on the Dance Floor, he considers the city to be his own personal venue, setting up his decks and equipment anywhere from the Brooklyn Bridge to Koreatown. He has discovered a true sense of self-expression through music, and aims to share that creative purpose with others.

@hypebeast NYC-based DJ Lonely on the Dance Floor took us from day to night across the city, while showing off his favorite @Levi’s pieces. #sponsored ♬ original sound – HYPEBEAST

Showcasing Levi’s® in action, Hypebeast spent a day in the life of Lonely on the Dance Floor, starting with his morning browsing vinyl and brushing up on his sets, and ending with an evening music session. Throughout the day, he sports some of his favorite Levi’s pieces, incorporated into practical looks that support his busy lifestyle. He’s got on loose fit jeans for all day comfort, while a vest for layering adds warmth when nights start too cool — topping his fit off with a hat brings fun flair to a functional, daily ensemble.

Continue reading to get a look behind the scenes of Levi’s and Hypebeast’s Day in the Life with Lonely on the Dance Floor.

Hypebeast: When did you start DJing and what originally sparked your interest?

Ty: I started DJing about four years ago and what sparked my interest was being bored and not feeling like I had a purpose. I had a big interest in video games, computers, and just tech generally, so that connects to some of the technical stuff I do now.

How do you use DJing and music curation as a form of self-expression?

I get to share a piece of myself with people. Say I’m in a mood one day, a more sad mood, I would play certain songs that align with that vibe of what I’m feeling.

It’s somewhere for you to channel that energy.

Totally. What always helps is when people come up to me and say, ‘Yo, thank you for playing those certain songs,’ or, ‘I’m happy that you are here at this spot, at this time.’ At some point during my first year of DJing, I was DJing at Pier 40 and this guy walked up to me. I will never forget this. He walked up to me and said, ‘Bro, thank you for playing that music. You saved my life tonight.’ Stuff like that is amazing to hear.

Day in the Life with Levi's and DJ Lonely on the Dance Floor Day to Night Styles

It’s great that others can connect with you over the music and self-expression as well. What inspires you creatively?

My mom would play a lot of soul music. Like Luther Vandross. She’d play Frankie Knuckles. But because I was young around that time, I used to hate it. I would stick to Soulja Boy because he was popping around that time. Then I started to get into EDM, I started listening to Daft Punk, deadmau5, Skrillex, and that type of vibe. Now, I feel like I get to bring all of these things together. I’m really happy that my mom put me onto a lot of the songs I know word for word now.

I have a lot of friends that put me on to a lot of good music, and when I’m playing outside, there are sometimes just random people that want to put me on to good music. They totally influence my musical style.

It’s cool that your audience can also be part of the inspiration. Tell me a little bit about the behind-the-scenes process of DJing — the prep work that people don’t always see.

Let’s say I’m playing a gig at a club or something like that. For the week following up to a certain event, I play whatever songs that I want and then whatever songs that are working, I will put them into a playlist. Then throughout the week, I’ll slowly build it until it feels foolproof. I don’t even have to think when I’m playing. And then when I get up to the day of, I’ll record the set, maybe put it on SoundCloud, and then when I get to the event, I’ll play the actual set that I want to play. And in the week leading up to a performance, I’ll test the music out live, so I’ll go outside and maybe change it up or add to it along the way.

Day in the Life with Levi's and DJ Lonely on the Dance Floor Day to Night Styles

When it comes to personal style and as someone who is constantly on the go, throwing impromptu DJ sets, how do you maximize your fashion choices to cater to your lifestyle? What are your favorite ways to wear and style Levi’s clothes from day to night?

I love the way I was styled today by Levi’s and Hypebeast. These are all clothes I’d totally wear on the day-to-day, styled in these same ways. It’s literally whatever I’m feeling that day, pretty much. If the outfit feels super comfortable and I know I’m going to be out for a long period of time, I definitely will gravitate towards that.

For some of the unconventional spots that you spin at in the city, how do you decide where to go? Is it a spur-of-the-moment thing or do you plan it out beforehand?

Fridays and Saturdays, I’m mostly at a certain location, like K-Town. The weekdays I’ll just go wherever I feel inspired and play from there.

Day in the Life with Levi's and DJ Lonely on the Dance Floor Day to Night Styles

What is your favorite look or Levi’s piece from today and how do you see it seamlessly being incorporated into your day-to-day, busy lifestyle?

The hoodie with the vest — I love wearing hoodies with vests and layering looks, and these pieces are perfect for that.

Day in the Life with Levi's and DJ Lonely on the Dance Floor Day to Night Styles

Check out the Levi’s pieces LOTDF was styled in on

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