Off-White™ Reveals What You're Actually Supposed to Do With Its Zip-Tie Tag

With a simple “HOW-TO.”

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Since the release of Off-White™’s inaugural collection fans have debated what you should actually do with the label’s unique zip-tie tag. Some fans choose to cut the tag off citing that it’s unusual or uncomfortable to wear a large plastic tag, while some leave the tag on to hang proudly as a design element. But today the debate is over, as Virgil Abloh’s label Off-White™ recently released a “HOW-TO” video to show what you’re actually supposed to do with its zip-tie tag. According to the video, you are simply supposed to “CUT THE TIE” and “LEAVE IT ALONE.” Check out the video below and let us know what you prefer to do with the tag.

Also, Off-White™ recently restocked the new colorways of its signature Industrial belts.

Off-White™ “HOW-TO” ~ the actual answer of what to do with the zip-tie.

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