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Kanye West

Nationality: American / Age: 36
Discipline: Music/Fashion/Footwear/Design
Kanye West’s endeavors in art, music and fashion have an uncanny ability to translate into their own movements and trends. New father and husband-to-be, Kanye’s relevance in pop culture remained unfaltering this year, garnering attention and focus from fans and within the industry. His inner circle of creative advisors have further amplified his efforts through respective personal ventures. West stays a game changer, and upheld this with his latest studio album Yeezus, which was followed up a visually stunning tour of the same name – his first in five years. The album itself materialized via a list of viscerally dark and complex tracks that work far outside the structure of radio rap. West also confirmed details of a partnership with adidas in 2013, after turning down a proposition from Nike regarding a line with up to 30 styles.
  • 2014-02-25 darren

    the absolute most influential voice of our generations and the next; if the jew media can't take you down, how can you question him when he says he's a god?

    an incredible producer/musician and artist in general

    when he makes enough money I know he will use his power to save the world, as long as his visions haven't changed from the messages I've been listening to religiously for the last 10+ years

    one day I'll design, rap and save the world with yeezus

  • 2014-01-22 Maximus

    He is genius! The most creative persone I have ever seen. I'm having great pleasure to work with his label artists. I hope to work with him personally sometime.