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Chris Stamp

Founder of Stampd
Nationality: American / Age: 29
Discipline: Fashion
Stampd has continued to hone its compelling monochrome approach, with a range of memorable specialty pieces surfacing over the past year. Founder Chris Stamp and his Los Angeles-based brand adhere to a strict black-and-white motif with each release, while illustrating an inclination toward minimalism and luxe materials since the brand’s early days. Getting his start as a student of graphic design before specializing in one-of-one customized sneakers; Chris fell back on student loans to purchase blank Converse Chuck Taylors to paint before the reach of Stampd hit on a global level. Later transitioning toward to a full-fledged label that incorporates accessories, luggage and ready-to-wear, the label pushes forward in exemplifying high-end street sensibility. Pulling together a refined and well-executed look while gaining attention for its murdered-out aesthetic, this year Stampd’ achieved all-new levels of visibility thanks to the direction of the current fashion climate, championing luxury streetwear.
  • 2014-01-23 willie2c

    Pure funk modern street art? Writing "dope" on a shirt and putting studs on stap backs sure is pure funk modern street art
    + orginal.

  • 2014-01-22 Pulseguy

    Stampd is very cool. Most new stuff is pure commercial, make it as cheap as possible. Most looks as though a team of $20 an hour Asian designers banged out the stuff over the weekend. Stampd is different. It is pure funk modern street art.