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NOWHERE Hong Kong Last Orgy 2 New Releases

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NOWHERE drops a new selection merchandise for its Hong Kong location. Included in this new assortment as a couple of graphic t-shirt designs, both based off the brand’s location as well as a new colorway in the Last Orgy LO2 Varsity Jacket....

NOWHERE Last Orgy LO2 Jacket New Colorways

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Having previewed the LO2 Reprint Stadium jacket from the resurrected Nowhere’s Last Orgy 2 line (from A Bathing Ape’s Nigo + Undercover’s Jun Takahashi) just a few days ago, we can now confirm not only the 5th December release date, but also thes...

NOWHERE Last Orgy LO2 Reprint Stadium Jacket

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In a retro of some of their previously released pieces, Jun Takahashi (of UNDERCOVER) and NIGO (of A BATHING APE) unveil their LO2 Reprint Stadium Jumper jacket seen here. The jacket comes as part of the NOWHERE initiative which was recently revi...

UNDERCOVER x Last Orgy 2 x NOWHERE x A Bathing Ape Skullsta

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Slated for a release in the future is a collection of A Bathing Ape Skullstas seen here. The three-pack includes a collaboration involving UNDERCOVER, A Bathing Ape, and the union of the two, Last Orgy 2/NOWHERE. Last Orgy 2 and NOWHERE were the...

THINK SILLY Interview with Nigo & Jun Takahashi

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THINK SILLY caught up with Nigo and Jun Takahashi for an exclusive interview as they prepared to opening their new NOWHERE retail space. Amongst a variety of topics, Nigo and Jun speak of why they chose the new location, history of their respecti...

NIGO® & Jun Takahashi: NOWHERE

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Reuniting for the launch of their new NOWHERE space, we sit down with famed Japanese designers NIGO® and Jun Takahashi for some insight into their latest retail venture.

NOWHERE Hong Kong Opening

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A heavy-weight contingency was recently in Hong Kong to partake in the recent opening of the NOWHERE Hong Kong flagship store. With it saw the appearance of respective personalities NIGO(R) (of A Bathing Ape), Jun Takahashi (of UNDERCOVER) and Te...

NOWHERE 2009 Fall/Winter Collection Preview

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Having been one of the defining retail and brand movements within the last few months, the Jun Takahashi (UNDERCOVER founder) and NIGO(R) (A Bathing Ape founder) initiated NOWHERE store and label makes its way to Hong Kong in a grand opening late...

Nowhere Hong Kong Announcement

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The latest installment from Nigo (of Bape) and Jun Takahashi’s (of Undercover) collaborative ‘Nowhere’ stores is to open on September 26 in Hong Kong. The store will be stocked with merchandise from not only Bape and Undercover, but also collabor...

NOWHERE Hong Kong Further Preview

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With the recent announcing of a NOWHERE Hong Kong in the works, NIGO(R)’s partner in crime Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER chimes in with his own thoughts and previews. Working with the same designers behind their previous NOWHERE locations, it...