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Hiroshi Fujiwara: ‘LOST MIX’ HUMUNGUS #3

MusicComments ⋅ 2870 Views
Just like clockwork, the new LOST MIX from famed Japanese DJ and composer Hiroshi Fujiwara is here, and as usual, it does not disappoint. “HUMUNGUS #3″ clocks in at a significantly shorter (by Fujiwara’s standards) 15 minutes, but m...

Hiroshi Fujiwara: ‘LOST MIX’ HUMUNGUS #2

MusicComments ⋅ 2986 Views
Veteran Japanese composer and DJ, Hiroshi Fujiwara serves up another stellar B-side from his long-running LOST MIX series. Despite the title, “HUMUNGUS #2″ is actually on the shorter end of his mix spectrum, clocking just over 36 minutes...

Hiroshi Fujiwara: ‘LOST MIX’ House/Disco

MusicComments ⋅ 4878 Views
Right on schedule, this week’s hour-long LOST MIX from Hiroshi Fujiwara has arrived. There’s little to not like about Fujiwara’s mixes that pull you along, flowing effortlessly from piece to piece. This house/disco mix is no differe...

Hiroshi Fujiwara: ‘LOST MIX’ Mellow Disco #1

MusicComments ⋅ 4177 Views
The revival of decade-old tracks from Hiroshi Fujiwara continues, this time as the composer serves up LOST MIX Mellow Disco #1 from his personal archives. Each mix is just as much a trip back into time for Fujiwara as it is for his listener, but more...