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Sebastian Magazine is a bold, new biannual style, culture and lifestyle publication that treads its own editorial path with wit, consideration and a focus on the personal. Evolving the notion of what constitutes a standard print publication, each issue will be named after a different man and given a different identity. The debut issue features a cover shot by photographer Asger Carlson – renowned for his morphing and digital manipulation of the human form. Other featured personalities include art gallery owner Maureen Paley and inimitable artisan purist Geoffrey B Small, as well as renowned photographer Dirk Braeckman, designer Elena Dawson and many others. The magazine is currently available to purchase on HOSTEM & and will be sold in other select outlets around the globe.

The debut issue features interviews with art gallery owner Maureen Paley and inimitable artisan purist
Geoffrey B Small. Belgium’s most renowned photographer Dirk Braeckman talks to ex Editor of Purple
magazine Dorothee Perret about the clash of history and modernity in his work. Experimental, artisan baker
Lily Vanilli is featured in conversation with caterer Margot Henderson about carnivorous cravings, the death
of the independent retailer and the expressionist movement in food. Canadian contemporary artist Dallas Seitz
discusses alcoholism in the art world and activist designers Casely-Hayford rally for a cultural revolution.
Designer and shoe maker Elena Dawson discusses the artistry and emotion that imbues every stitch of her
work. To finish on a provocative flourish, Katie Price is taken deliciously out of her context to divulge her
passion for horse-riding.

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