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Tonite x Paul Smith Japan “Robinstein Frankencrusoe” Collection

At the request of Paul Smith’s Japanese line, graphically liberal clothing brand Tonite was asked to create a collection of pieces for the famed British designer. The theme of the collection, “Robinstein Frankencrusoe” is a relationship of two fictional characters, Robinson Crusoe and Frankenstein. In story which plays out like the following, the exiled Frankenstein makes his way onto a boat in hopes of a new life only to be ship wrecked on an island with the sole inhabitant being Robinson Crusoe. Together their friendship manifests itself in the Robinstein Frankencrusoe collection with a surf meets punk style. This capsule is slated only for a Paul Smith Japan release, however some pieces will make it to the Paul Smith at Borough Market retail outlet in London.

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Tags: Paul smith, Tonite, Fashion