HYPEBEAST Essentials: Staple Design

As a multi-faceted entity, Staple Design features a number of different angles as a clothing brand, design brand, creative agency and retail outlet. Representing the focus of our latest HYPEBEAST Essentials, four prominent members of Staple Design and Reed Space contribute their daily necessities. As an avid Sigg waterbottle user and the fact the bottle is super-sensitive to the hot/cold liquids(condenses like a mofo with cold water), jeffstaple’s Burton iDiom x Sigg cozy is a totally viable product.

Tim Cleary – Reed Space | Manager

MTA & EBT Card
With these cards you can get to and into anything. Depending on your financial circumstance you can get even more. Some ’hood Bodegas will even cash you out.

Tone Loc popularized these. Found in Liquor stores in California for under 3 bucks. Bringing out the night on any sunny day.

Crispy Soul Chicken
Definitely World famous. “Vegetarian Paradise 2s” appetizer is amazing!! I dont miss eating Beef or Pork but I do miss Chicken. This is better than the real thing??

Tags get bufffed and mirrors stay up. In case you want to penetrate a bathroom mirror. “GO DEEP!!” Leave your mark and see sparks from the fragments.

Bootleg Movies
With movie ticket prices always rising and Blockbuster’s closing because of Netflicks; you can still keep up with Hollywood with these. 3 for $10. “Have you seen it?” ” Oh I got a good copy of that…wanna borrow it?”

Nico Reyes – Staple Design | Janitor

My mom gave me this Seiko watch years ago and I can’t leave my apartment without it. Even if I have to just go to the bodega downstairs to pick up some toilet paper, I need to put my watch on. Plus I need to cover up the awesome watch tan.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
I’ve had numerous arguments with people about how Original Recipe is far tastier than the stuff from “The Sailor That Loves Spinach” fried chicken chain. I grew up eating out of these greasy white and red buckets.

Dumb-out DVDs
These are some movies that I just like to throw on and watch whenever. You don’t have to pay attention to what’s going on, its just either stuff blowing up, food related, or Eddie Murphy. Great movies.

I’m extremely fortunate to be able to travel a lot for Staple, but having a Filipino passport gets you no where without a hassle. I don’t even have a drivers license so this is the only official ID I have. If my apartment caught on fire, I would grab my passport before anything else.

Nike Lasered Leather Business Card Holder
I think I got this at a Nike party a while back when they launched the laser-etching technology. Double-sided slots so you got your cards on one side, the other persons card on the other. Everyone knows that a lot of this business is based on who you know, so this helps me keep organized. Plus my wallet is already too full of 4-year-old receipts from KFC.

Kunimasa Odagi – Staple Design | Designer

Engineered Garments Coal Bag
This is one of my favorite brands. It’s authentic, good for daily wear, and dope details. I love the raw natural color and on top of that it’s made in U.S.A.! It has all the retro appeal but is updated with today’s fabrics.

Key Chain by Tod’s
Features a woven leather strap and practical loop hook. Simple. The big key doesn’t open anything. It’s from my friend as a lucky charm. And of course, the Luna strap!

Ring Boots by Quoddy Trail Moccasin Company
This shoe company is located in Maine. They’re not Visvim’s, but worth a lot more!
I have this double leather bottom & camp sole version. Made of heavyweight Chromepak leather (averages 1/4 inch thick). The single bottom is sturdy enough to wear outdoors, but most people like the double bottom for the extra cushion. It’s all about doing things the traditional way…hand sewn…no machine stitching anywhere on this.

Kinkan Lotions
This is a soothing lotion for insect bites. I have been bitten by so many mosquitoes & other insects too. I don’t know why? This is the best relief. But it stinks! Can be used for bruises & cuts. It’s a pretty common remedy from Japan.

Soccer Cleats by Nike
I have been playing soccer for long time…Big fun. I wish soccer is popular here in the US. These are good. They’re lightweight, simple soccer shoes.

jeffstaple – Staple Design/Reed Space | Founder

Sigg x Burton Cozy
Some of you guys might have seen our iDiom 2009 Collection for Burton (the Green Collection). Well this was an early sample swatch of a forest pattern we were trying to do. It came out more like “mold” than “forest”. So we took extra fabric and made this into a Sigg bottle cozy. 1 of 1. Actually I have 1 full jacket sample and I like to wear it sometimes…it’s so fugly bad…it’s good.

Ashtray Business Card Holder
My friend Alist gave this to me a few years ago and I love it. It’s an ashtray made to look like a box of Chinese cigarettes. I don’t smoke and this just happens to fit our business cards perfectly…so I’ve found another use for it. Every time I hand someone a card from here, they comment on it.

Money Clip
I used to have the biggest wallet known to man. It was a filing cabinet of receipts and membership cards. My back started to hurt from it so I went for the most streamlined solution I could find. The answer? Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets. They’re a little dangerous as they can go right through your hand if you’re not careful. But it’s mad minimal as your wad of cash looks like it’s being held together with a magical silver bar.

Vaseline Lip Therapy
It’s horrible but I am addicted to this stuff year round. So much so, I got this Chrome Hearts limited edition cap. It ONLY fits this particular brand. I am obsessed with other people’s obsessions. Who would make this? Who needs this? Why would someone buy this? When I find myself asking those questions, it usually intrigues me.

Incase 3G iPhone Case
These drop in the Spring but my friends at Incase hooked me up with an early proto. People don’t know what to make of it. They think it’s some revised version of the first-gen iPhone. The bottom half is soft-touch for a nice grip. This is a custom hack you won’t find in stores. Only the best protection for one my most important possessions.

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