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HYPEBEAST Feature: Essentials - Online Influencers

The debut of our ongoing feature Essentials will highlight some of the necessities that get people within this industry through their da...

The debut of our ongoing feature Essentials will highlight some of the necessities that get people within this industry through their day-to-day lives. Who better to start things off then with the Online Influencers also known as the bloggers which get you your daily fix of news and fuel your rampant consumerism, some more then others. Adam Bryce of Slam X Hype, Yu-Ming Wu of Freshness (among others), Joe La Puma of Complex and Jeff Carvalho of Selectism (among others) were kind enough to highlight their most important daily essentials.

Adam Bryce – Slam X Hype

Comme Des Garcons 2
Was never a big fan of scents until a few years ago when I discovered you could save water from not showering as much, seriously though, all the Comme scents are great, 2′s my personal choice and has been for a while… even the packaging is great.

I have a pretty weird M&M problem… I have M&M’s everyday, even if its just a handful, its the one staple item in my pantry.

Leica D-Lux 3
I’ve been through so many digital camera’s over the years, my Ricoh didn’t last, but my Leica seems to be the best yet… great lense as expected and exceptional styling.

GDEH is probably one of my favourite brands, mixing classic items with a small twist and feel that makes the brand so powerful, a belt is a pretty important part of anyone’s wardrobe, something worth spending a little bit more on to wear everyday, I bought this belt just this last season, but it hasn’t left my waist yet.

Visvim 7 Hole Boot
Can’t find another pair for the life of me, bought these a year or so back, and thanks to the Visvim philosophy, they are as comfortable as any sneakers, but something I’m more at home wearing, they’re getting pretty worn, but i’ll just keep wearing them daily till they break I guess.

Jeff Carvalho – Selectism | High Snobiety | Weekly Drop

Saeco Magic Comfort Plus Super Automatic Espresso Machine
Hands down the greatest invention of all time. Essentially a barista inside of a 1x1x1.5 ft plastic and metal box of beauty, the Saeco Magic Comfort Plus may not the be the newest in super-automatic espresso machines but it is still a de-facto standard accessory in the home of Portuguese families up and down the East Coast. Why is it “super?” Cuz it does it all. Sure it costs an arm and a leg but after brewing 1541 cups of espresso (oh yeah it tells you), it has paid itself off in convenience quality and ease of use. If you’re gonna buy an espresso machine, you NEED to buy a super-automatic. Live big.

Le Creuset 12″ Frying Pan
The French do it best when it comes to cast iron cookware. About the only essential frying pan needed in any home is the Le Creuset 12″ frying pan. Beat the shit out of it. Over heat everything on it. Let a nice thick greasy patina build up on it (some people call it seasoning) and this pan will probably outlive you. Even better, if anything happens to go wrong with it, they’ll replace it for you. Thats class. Available in a variety of colors. Default is red.

IPEVO Free.1 USB Skype Phone
The best Skype phone on the market. Forget buying those third party no-name handsets for Skype. What makes this the killer Skype is its 16K Skype to Skype call sampling rate and its 8k rate to landlines. Its the clearest signal you can get from a Skype handheld. Did I mention it has actual working Mac OSX drivers? I have mine permanently plugged into my monitor’s USB hub and attached via some velcro. It’s always right there.

MUJI Plastic Card Case x 2
My wallets. One for the AMEX, driver’s license, subway cards and the other for business cards. At $2 USD each, you cannot beat them. The slimmer the wallet the better and these are slim.

Name says it all. Cant’ wait for 3G.

Joe La Puma – Complex

Gourmet Footwear
Jordan-fans caught feelings when Gourmet dropped, but I’m riding with my Italian brethren this spring/summer. The new batch of colors are sick, and they’re actually really comfortable. I just purchased the royal blue Diablo’s, and they immediately made their way into the rotation.

Shake Shack NYC
By far the best lunch spot in the city and it’s a block away from Complex. It’s in Madison Square Park so lines are really long, but you can’t beat the burgers and shakes. The corporate-chick eye-candy isn’t bad either.

Gold Blackberry Curve
Pretty cliché but it is a necessity. Anyone who has one already knows what’s up so there’s no point in expanding on it. Plus I can check sites like DrunkenStepfather and Nah Right from wherever I’m at.

HBO On Demand
Any medium that can bring Larry David, Marlo Stanfield and Ali G together is f’ing unbeatable. Even that prick Bill Maher is entertaining to watch every now and then.

Yu-Ming Wu – Freshness | Sneaker News | Kicks Finder

Desktop and Laptop
My Macs are pretty important, I have an iMac in my studio, an iMac in my home office and a laptop next to my bed so when ever I need I can quickly get some blogging done. I also use the laptop to catch up on my news feeds before I get out of bed and the occasional blogging while still in bed.

Some online businesses need to seriously reevaluate their photography, if you are trying to sell a product take a photo lesson on taking product shots! I prefer to take my product shots usually in the stores or in my studio when possible. I use the Lumix for most product shots and take the smaller Powershot to parties.

I see my dentist every six months for a cleaning and he tells every time my teeth are very clean. So I guess I’m allowed to eat candy, tic tac and Mike and Ike are my favorite. You can usually find a case of both in my studio.

In my pocket
These three items are always in my pocket, along with the occasional box of tic tac. I can’t get by a day without a stick of Chapstick, the Lip Moisturizer SPF15 is the best!

I still have a subscription to about 15 trade magazines, which includes, Fast Company, Wired, Inc, Rolling Stone and a bunch of others. I actually don’t have subscriptions to Complex, Sole Collector or Sneaker Freaker.

Yu-Ming’s Photography – Jason G. Lewis

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