Toshikiyo Hirata
Founder of Kapital
Eric Kvatek/Ponytail Journal

2020 Hypes Score


There’s a long list of Japanese fashion brands heavily-influenced by Americana culture. What sets father and son duo Toshikiyo and Kiro Hirata’s KAPITAL apart, however, is its adeptness for giving traditional garments a modern, avant-garde spin. Take for instance the label’s famous Ring jacket — the design is a standard issue MA-1 bomber fused with noragi elements as seen on its front closure, shoulder drape and loose sleeves. The outerwear staple has also been made with boro details and ornamental patterns for that avant-garde touch. You also can’t pigeonhole KAPITAL into just Americana-inspired wear either. Tried-and-true Japanese denim craftsmanship is at the heart of KAPITAL and also borrows heavily from Japan’s own history and traditions from various regions.

In 2020, KAPITAL was as adventurous as ever in regards to offering statement pieces. Items like its hospital jacket made with patchwork quilts, tye-dyed fleece caps and souvenir jackets crafted with metallic fabrics caught the attention of style experts. KAPITAL’s SS20 "FLARE STAR" catalog shot by Eric Kvatek could arguably be the best fashion lookbook of the year as well. As a finishing touch to the year, Toshikiyo and Kiro Hirata’s FW20 collection was a complete master lesson in construction — voluminous sleeves, patched denim, intricately knitted sweaters and vibrant paisley patterns defined the range’s most impressive ensembles.