Olga Karput
Founder of KM20
Yana Davy

Fashion , Retail

Olga Karput is the founder of Moscow concept store and café “Kuznetskiy Most 20” – one of Russia’s most influential fashion locations. Founded back in 2009 the concept store has become renowned for merging global brands such as Vetements, Off-White, and Maison Margiela with Russian home-grown talent like Gosha Rubchinskiy and Tigran Avetisyan. 2017 was particularly significant as the store launched a new three-storey space filled with a collection of streetwear’s top brands. The space features a range of objects, installations, and furniture from numerous world-renowned fashion houses and designers. Alongside the installations KM20 boasts a rooftop restaurant and an underground garage that can play host to exhibitions, product launches and parties.
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