Tupac Shakur Mother’s Day Merch Release

Release Date

May 10, 2019 (US)




Black & White


Following the release of limited Poetry month goods, the estate of Tupac Shakur has prepared another thematic release. This time, the merch encompasses a brief array of Mother’s Day-themed items.

Drawing inspiration directly from Tupac’s classic “Dear Mama,” an ode to his mother Afeni Shakur, two T-shirts and a hoodie sport imagery of the elder Shakur. A former Black Panther, political activist and single mother, the elder Shakur actively kept her son’s name and image alive until her passing in 2016.

Now it’s her turn: A black and white image of Afeni Shakur holding a camera is printed at the chest of each garment to reinforce her importance in the hip-hop icon’s life. “Dear Mama” and “You Are Appreciated” is printed on each garment to drive home the message of Mother’s Day, complete with Afeni Shakur’s signature to reinforce the personal message.

Shop the merch on the Tupac Estate’s web store now.

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