Takashi Murakami x PORTER Black TANKER Series

Release Date

December 06, 2019 (US)


120000 JPY




Takashi Murakami & PORTER announce a new TANKER series for the Holiday season. Coming off an Olive TANKER collection from the summer, this new collection employs the same KaiKai KiKi sunflower character across three silhouettes — the 2WAY HELMET BAG, WAIST BAG, and RUCK SACK.

Varying in sizes, the stuffed KaiKai KiKi flower is present three times on the RUCK SACK, twice on the 2WAY HELMET BAG, and once on the WWAIST BAG; each one of the characters feature rectangular PORTER label branding, and are detachable. Currently set for a December 6 release, the backpack, helmet bag, and waist bag will retail for ¥120,000, ¥110,000, and ¥80,000 JPY ($1,100, $1,000, and $730 USD), respectively.

Look for these dropping over at yoshidakaban.com. Those that have missed their chance on December 6 have another opportunity the following day over at Takashi Murakami‘s Tonari no Zingaro.

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