Sneakersnstuff “ACID PACK” Apparel Capsule

Release Date

March 16, 2019 (US)






Iternational sneaker boutique Sneakersnstuff leans into the warmer weather with a capsule collection of graphic-heavy garments. Inspired by rave culture, the “ACID PACK” is drenched in smiley faces, stylized SNS branding and psychedelic imagery.

A hoodie joins long- and short-sleeved T-shirts in showcasing bright graphics against monochrome cotton bases, emphasizing the glitchy sleeve graphics and sparse pops of color. Alongside the SNS logo, imagery of hands, abstract shapes and playful smiley faces appear throughout, matching a trio of knit beanies.

 Arguably, the standout piece is a multi-colored scarf emblazoned with SNS logos inside of yin-yang symbols, swirls and “ACID!” verbiage. Woven across a blue, red and yellow scarf, the imagery is perhaps the most successful at evoking the rave motif at the heart of the capsule.

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