RJ ARRAW ‘Spider-Man’ Tourbillon

Release Date

October 23, 2019 (US)






Swiss watchmakers RJ have teamed up with Marvel once again on the release of two Spider-Man-themed ARRAW Tourbillion watches.

Available in either red or black iterations, this special edition Tourbillion timepiece is limited to just ten pieces. It follows on from RJ’s recent releases such as the Space Invaders watch, and its limited-to-100 Joker watch. For the first time, RJ introduces its inaugural movement to be developed in-house, which has been produced to provide an incredibly long power reserve of 150 hours.

As a result, the watch features an oversized barrel that has been placed at the center of the movement, spanning almost the entire width of the dial. Because of its size, the Tourbillion cage had to be placed above the barrel along the same central axis, which provides a clearer view of the watch’s regulator.

The hours and minutes are displayed in a planetary gear system that orbits 360° around the Tourbillon, which is also fixed on two high-precision ball bearings offering optimized efficiency. Aesthetically, the watches feature hands that replicate the legs of the Spider-Man icon, as well as a grade five titanium Tourbillon cage that incorporates openwork design shaped like a spider web.

Elsewhere you can find Spider-Man‘s mask eye’s on the dial in black, a black polyamide strap that mimics the texture of the superhero’s suit and sports thermoformed spider icons, and a black wood spider-themed box.

The red iteration is made from black carbon and red fiberglass, retailing for $97,700 USD and the “Stealth Black” version is made entirely of carbon. The latter features shimmering grey and anthracite tones throughout, and retails for $92,000 USD. Take a look at both RJ ARRAW Tourbillion Spider-Man watches in the gallery above, and discover more about them on RJ’s website.

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