RIMOWA Gold Attaché Briefcase

Release Date

December 06, 2019 (US)


1800 USD




Digging into its archive, RIMOWA has released its classic Attaché Briefcase in a limited edition gold iteration.

A reimagination of the original, the contemporary take features of-the-era details and modern minimalist touches. The case is constructed of a smooth, polished aluminum defined by rounded edges and deeply defined grooves. Designed and engineered in Germany, the limited gold case features a tonal metallic combination lock and a matching galvanized metal handle. Rounding up the design of the piece is a black cowhide leather interior with a gusseted magnetic pocket and a flat card-holder for compartmentalized storage.

Priced at $1,800 USD, the RIMOWA Attaché Gold Briefcase is available now at rimowa.com and select locations.

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