Porter x Medicom Toy Be@rbrick

Release Date

November 23, 2019 (US)


55840 JPY




Medicom Toy is back with Yoshida PORTER for another version of its TANKER-inspired BE@RBRICK. This time around, the two have chosen to cover the bear silhouette in PORTER’s classic BLACK TANKER series material.

Just like the bags, the bright-orange lining appears, but this time it is used as trimming to add a bit of contrast to the figure. Adding to the bag reference is a full zipper at the back of the figure where both the head and the body can be unzipped to reveal the plastic bear underneath. The full figure is finished off with Yoshida PORTER’s iconic label at the chest.

Available at Medicom Toy in both a 400% and 1000% variant, both BE@RBRICKs are launching on November 23 for a price of ¥16,500 JPY and ¥55,840 JPY (approximately $150 USD and $513 USD), respectively.

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