‘Pokémon’ x PORTER Pikachu Bag Collaboration

Release Date

August 10, 2019 (US)






Pokémon is now linking with another stalwart Japanese label for a capsule collection. Legendary bag manufacturer PORTER has united with the franchise for a range of special bags, centering around the series’ unofficial mascot, Pikachu.

A wide array of PORTER’s signature silhouettes have been remixed with black Cordya-woven nylon, for extra sturdiness, and plentiful yellow accents. These include bright buckles, zippers, red carabiners (to evoke Pikachu’s cheeks), a thematic lining that sees Pikachu prancing atop a PORTER suitcase and a 3D Pikachu patch at the front of each item.

PORTER’s Daypack, Shoulder Bag, 2-Way Tote, Waist Bag, 2-Way Pouch and Wallet all sport the lighthearted details, with a packable Shoulder Bag serving as the collection’s most dynamic piece. It utilizes the yellow lining as the bag’s shell, but can be inverted and tucked inside an internal pocket to create a Pokéball, which can then be clipped to another bag via a rear D-ring.

The Pokémon collection arrives on PORTER’s web shop and at PORTER’s Omotesando The PORTER Gallery 1, Shinagawa Station and Tokyo Station outposts on August 10, where the company will offer thematic pins and iPhone cases for a limited time.

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