Pharrell x Mr. “A Call To Action!” Merch

Release Date

July 23, 2019 (US)






To celebrate the opening of Pharrell and Japanese artist Mr.‘s “A Call To Action!” exhibition at the Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts in Paris, Perrotin recently dropped a select range of merch online.

Comprised of a tote bag, cap and notebook, each special item is dressed with manga/anime style caricatures illustrated by Mr. specifically for the show. Open until September 23, the co-presented exhibition is curated and arranged by Pharrell personally. Works on display serve to express Mr.’s signature devotion to contemporary Japanese art styles that follow under principles tied to Takashi Murakami‘s famed Superflat postmodern art movement.

Priced between €15 and €25 EUR (approximately $17 and $28 USD), the Pharrell x Mr. “A Call To Action!” merch is available now at Perrotin’s webstore.

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